After Dr. Burke and Dr. Beckstrom get your braces attached to your teeth, your mouth will feel a little strange for a while. There will likely be times that you feel uncomfortable or experience some pain, but in the end, your straight smile will be worth it. Braces create many new spaces to trap food and also obstruct once easy-to-reach places. 

Maintaining your oral health while in braces is more important than ever. Irritated gums and cavities are prominent signs that brushing and flossing are lacking. We recommend cleaning your teeth at least four times a day, after all three meals and before you go to bed. If you snack throughout the day, be sure to clean your teeth after that too. Even though cleaning your teeth while in braces is more difficult and more complicated, with the proper tools, you can maintain your oral health and ensure a healthy, straight smile at the end of your treatment. 

6 Items to Help Clean Your Braces

  • Toothbrush and Toothpaste: Obviously, you still have to brush your teeth, especially with braces. Be sure to have a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste at home, and maybe consider one for your purse or backpack. Gently brush your teeth in a circular motion across the gum line, behind your teeth, and the edges of your brackets and wires. Keep in mind that you will likely need to replace your toothbrush more often due to the wires and brackets
  • Floss Threaders or Superfloss: These tools are essential for flossing while in braces. The threader acts as a need to thread the floss between wires so you can get the floss between your teeth. Flossing can be especially tricky with braces, but these tools can make the process so much easier. 
  • Dental Picks: At Burke and Beckstrom, we’ll give you a few special picks to get you started, but they can be found at your local drugstore or online if you need more. Dental picks are an easy way to get under your wires and between your brackets to clean your teeth. These plastic tools come in various sizes, shapes, and materials, so try a few and find the one you like best. 
  • Proxa Brush: Short for interproximal brushes, a proxa brush is like a toothbrush, except the bristles come in a short cone shape. These brushes are more precise than a normal toothbrush and allow you to clean hard-to-reach spots in your braces. 
  • Waterpik: These machines can be a game changer in the braces world. Waterpiks shoot a jet of water at various pressures to “floss” between your teeth, brackets, and wires. They are more expensive but work quicker than manual flossing, and they’re very good at cleaning braces. 
  • Mouthwash: Complete your oral care routine with a rinse of fluoride mouthwash to further protect your teeth from cavities and gum disease. Mouthwash is an antibacterial rinse that is meant to clean the surface of your mouth and leave your breath minty fresh. 


At Burke and Beckstrom Orthodontics, we believe that everyone deserves a perfect smile. Caring for your teeth is especially important while wearing braces. With these helpful tools in your oral care toolbox, you’ll be able to combat cavities and gum irritation throughout your treatment. Remember, cavities don’t take a break because you have braces. Dr. Burke and Dr. Beckstrom will offer some helpful tips when you get your braces on, but feel free to ask any questions you might have. If you have any questions or concerns about your braces or if you’re ready to start orthodontic treatment, contact Burke and Beckstrom Orthodontics today.