You might notice some discomfort after getting your braces, but these tips will help you be well on your way to a straight smile. On your first day and even week in braces, you might cause some discomfort your mouth adjusts to this new appliance. This first week in braces is the most challenging part of your treatment. Once you make it through the first week, the rest of the time will feel like a breeze. Dr. Burke and Dr. Beckstrom are ready to help you keep your eye on the prize with these helpful tips for your journey with braces. 

At the Orthodontists Office

After each bracket is placed on your teeth, a wire will help pull your teeth in either direction to align them. The wires can sometimes be too long for your mouth, causing the end of the wire to poke the back of your mouth and cause sores. Use your finger or tongue to check that the wire is not extending past the brackets on your back teeth. 

Dr. Burke and Beckstrom will review the best practices when caring for your braces and provide you with special tools to clean and care for them properly. Understand any extra steps you might have, especially if you will have any headgear or elastics. Feel free to ask all your questions, and call us if you have any after leaving your appointment. We are happy to help. 

Eating With Braces

During the first week in braces, your mouth is adjusting to the strain of the braces pulling your teeth in all directions. It’s normal to be experiencing pain, especially the day directly following getting your braces. You can eat as soon as you leave the office, but we recommend eating soft foods for a few days. Stick to eating yogurt, cooked vegetables, pasta, and ice cream. The soreness will resolve after three or four days, and you can begin eating solid foods again. 

There are some foods you should always avoid with braces. The main one is gum with sugar. Sugary substances stick to brackets and between wires which is difficult to remove and can become stuck there for an extended period causing cavities around braces. Sticky candies like gummy bears or taffy can cause the same issues. Other foods like corn on the cob, crunchy veggies, and ice can cause brackets to pop off the tooth. If your bracket or wire becomes loose or detaches from the tooth, always call and schedule an appointment to repair it. 

Oral Hygiene 

In your new tool kit, you should have received dental wax for placing over any spots irritating the interior of your mouth. Your mouth is still adjusting to all the metal in your mouth, so be extra vigilant for sores. A saltwater mouth rinse can help relieve pain and minimize these sores.

In the days following your getting your braces, it will be tough to eat, let alone brush your teeth. Do your best to brush and floss your teeth. Along with the dental wax you received, you should have a small tool to clean between your brackets and wires. It is essential that you take the time to clean between each bracket. 

Getting your braces can be exciting, but the days following can be challenging. Knowing the best practices and precautions can make your journey a lot easier. Check out this video for more helpful tips and tricks! Be sure to reach out to Burke and Beckstrom Orthodontics to schedule an appointment or ask any questions about your new braces! Dr. Burke, Dr. Beckstrom, and their excellent staff are always here to help you with your braces and any issues.