How to Floss with Braces?

Braces are corrective dental treatment options that aim to fix the misalignment of teeth in the jaw. They can help prevent a vast range of oral healthcare problems. For one, taking care of your braces is important because you want to ensure that they fulfill their purpose by perfectly aligning your teeth. Hence, you should know how to floss your teeth with braces perfectly.

Flossing and brushing ensure the removal of bacteria and food debris leftover in your mouth and between teeth. If not removed, it can stain and even form cavities in your teeth. While it may be time-consuming, don’t forget that you have to keep the best oral healthcare regime for a bright and shinier smile.

Different Ways to Floss with Braces

Experts suggest taking your time while flossing to ensure your teeth are thoroughly cleaned and don’t carry visible bacteria and debris. Of course, there are different flossing techniques that every individual can choose. Flossing the braces regularly lowers the chances of experiencing tooth decay and gum diseases. 

Floss Threader

Think of plastic floss threaders as an upgraded variant of the traditional flossing technique. These threaders can easily get behind the wire of your braces to help with a thorough cleaning. Moreover, they will be time-efficient as well. You can discuss with your orthodontist if you should use a floss threader. 

Traditional Floss Technique

Traditional flossing is easy but slightly time-consuming. It effectively cleans teeth and removes any food debris, plaque, or bacteria that build up between teeth. Furthermore, if you have braces, you may already know it takes ample time to get the traditional floss behind wire and brackets. It normally takes 10-15 minutes. Make sure that you are using waxed-floss rather than unwaxed that can potentially get stuck in metal brackets. 

Dental Tape

Is traditional flossing painful to you? This can be the case for those who did not floss their teeth regularly prior to getting braces. Initial flossing sessions can even lead to swelling, bleeding, and pain. However, this problem will resolve with time when your gums and teeth become stronger. You can go for dental tapes that can help you keep the teeth flossing comfortable and an easy process. The ultrathin floss is extremely spongy and similar to a ribbon. 


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