From braces right down to Invisalign, today, the market offers users many teeth straightening alternatives. The wide variety of options may, ultimately, confuse you and make choosing an unnecessarily complicated task.

Among the best teeth straightening treatments are Invisalign and DIY trays. Here we discuss the benefits and risks of choosing either one of the two options:

Benefits of Invisalign

Here’s why people are increasingly seeking Invisalign as a way to treat misalignment:

  • Invisalign cases are comparatively faster than traditional braces as they can move multiple teeth at once.
  • These are nearly invisible; therefore, Invisalign is comparatively more aesthetical.
  • They are more comfortable as they lack wires and sharp corners.
  • Invisalign offers impressive results and can move your teeth better than braces.
  • Invisalign reduces the number of dental visits, thus saving you time.
  • Traditional braces make brushing a complex task and often leave you with braces breath. However, Invisalign offers you the liberty of removing the aligners to brush and floss.
  • Invisalign helps relieve myofascial and TMD symptoms
  • These can double as a mouthguard and whitening trays,

Risks of Invisalign

Some people using Invisalign because of the following results:

  • These are comparatively pricier.
  • Invisalign puts a layer of plastic over your teeth, making it difficult for you to speak properly.
  • There’s a slight chance Invisalign can irritate your lips, tongue, and gums.
  • You may have to remove your aligners before every meal.

Benefits of DIY Trays

DIY trays are an attractive option for people because:

  • DIY trays are a comfortable and convenient way to treat misaligned or discolored teeth.
  • It’s also a cost-effective way to treat discoloration. Plus, you don’t have to worry about frequent visits to the doctor.
  • DIY trays offer a pain-free solution to people seeking ways to whiten their teeth.
  • These promise long-lasting results to help ensure you keep smiling bright and healthy.

Risks of DIY Trays

Following are reasons buyers may avoid purchasing DIY trays:

  • Impressions are challenging to take, and a poor impression may lead to bad-quality DIY trays.
  • There’s a high percentage of chance that you’ll receive a tray that doesn’t match your needs.
  • In case your DIY tray encourages your teeth to move too fast, you may end up with shortened roots.

The Final Words

If you want to gain straight, pearly white teeth, you must choose the ideal oral health treatments. Invisalign is an effective and beneficial way of straightening your teeth. However, there are certain risks that you’ll have to consider before purchasing them.

On the flip side, DIY trays offer users convenience and ease-of-use. Determine which method best meets your needs by booking an appointment with your dentist. Venture onto our website Burke & Beckstrom Orthodontics, to connect with expert orthodontists.