As fall is quickly approaching, many parents are starting to inquire and worry about whether their kid needs a mouthguard for sporting events. Use a sports or mouth guard next season to safeguard your child or teen’s teeth, gums, and mouth if they play sports, especially if they wear braces. If you, also being a parent, are worried about your child’s teeth and gums, the following details will be helpful for you. Should kids wear mouth guards during sports?

What is a Mouth Guard?

A retainer-like device called a “mouth guard,” often known as a “sports guard,” is placed over the teeth and is composed of a thicker, more solid mass. A mouth guard’s main purpose is to protect the teeth and mouth from individuals who grind their teeth or play contact sports where mouth injuries are frequent. 

All players are encouraged to wear a sports guard, particularly if they receive braces treatment. In reality, if the sport involves contact or not, the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) advises that all athletes wear mouth protection. 

Importance of Mouth Guards During Sports

Following are a few typical instances of harm an athlete’s mouth may sustain while participating in sports:

  • Tooth roots being fractured
  • A Jaw injury
  • Chipped or broken teeth
  • Teeth getting knocked out

A mouthguard can help prevent injury, even if accidents happen sometimes and require expensive repairs at an orthodontic clinic. These treatments may not only be expensive, but the recovery time may also be exceedingly long. Due to the brackets and wires in the mouth, people wearing braces are more likely to get hurt when participating in sports. 

They risk deep suffering and the slow recovery of cuts or wounds inside their cheeks and lips if they don’t use a sports guard. All the individuals who participate in contact sports and wear braces are encouraged to use a mouth guard to protect their teeth and gums from any uncertain and painful encounter.

Usage and Care of a Mouth Guard

Suppose you wear braces and require a mouth guard for your coming sporting season. In that case, you can visit or head to any credible orthodontic clinic, where a professional and skilled dentist is pleased to provide the best suiting mouth guard for you.

 Sporting goods stores, Walmart, and CVS all sell sports guards. The mouth guards that many clinics offer clients are made to keep their teeth safe during orthodontic treatment without obstructing the appropriate positioning of their teeth.

Also, to care for the mouthguard you wear, it’s crucial to frequently wash your sports guard, as you would do to your retainer! Whenever it’s time to finish your oral hygiene regimen for the day, in the end, you can brush the guard with toothpaste and a toothbrush. But, if you have to clean your mouthguard while away from home, a smart go-to solution is to use antibacterial dishwashing soap and normal water to wash.


To prioritize your kid’s oral health and ensure that their teeth and gums are safe and secure while playing sports, it’s crucial to get them a mouthguard. It saves them during sports activities but can also be especially helpful if they wear braces, as kids are more prone to jaw and teeth injuries. 

If you are looking for a reliable orthodontic clinic for the same reason, contact our Burke + Beckstrom Orthodontics experts for the best oral solution for your child.