The Smile Forward Spotlight: Olivia Shea.

This month we are spotlighting our fabulous patient Olivia Shea. We LOVE seeing her smiling face every time she comes into our office. Olivia has such a fun and infectious personality, and you can’t help but smile whenever you are around her.

Olivia has a newfound passion for dance. She started taking dance classes at the start of this school year, and she has fallen in love with the way she can use her body to express emotion through music and dance. She feels that dance is a great way to relieve her stress from a hard day at school.

When Olivia is not dancing, you can find her in the kitchen trying any recipe she can get her hands on. Her personal favorite is anything that includes pasta.
Olivia is also fascinated with the lost art of cursive handwriting. In her spare time Olivia loves to practice and perfect her penmanship. This is an incredible talent that not many teenagers have, so we applaud her for this amazing skill.

Olivia came to Burke Ortho in hopes to get a straight, beautiful smile, and now she is well on her way. Olivia is truly beautiful inside and out, and she is the perfect representation of what it means to Smile forward. We love having Olivia as our patient and we can’t wait to see what the future has in store for her!

Olivia, thank you for Smiling forward.

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