Your teeth are very strong tools in your mouth used for eating and breaking down foods that range in textures from very soft, to sometimes incredibly hard. Still, our teeth are susceptible to many things like injury, infection, incorrect alignment, and unfortunately tooth decay. If your teeth are in any of these conditions, it may be time to get a tooth crown. Here will explain teeth crowns and when to get them. 

What is a Tooth Crown?

A tooth crown is a custom-fitted cap that is expertly tooth-shaped and colored the same as the rest of your teeth. The crown is essentially a protective layer that keeps the rest of your tooth (the root) healthy, covered, and it acts to fully restore your ability to eat a regular diet on your own terms free of pain and discomfort. 

When to Get a Crown

It is time to get a crown if your dentist tells you that it is the appropriate treatment options for you and your mouth. This can happen in an array of circumstances, such as a cavity that is past the point of simply filling. Or, perhaps you have a tooth that breaks off a chunk and it makes more sense to shape it up and apply a crown to protect the remaining tooth in its entirety. When you get a crown, it is important that you choose the kind of crown that is right for you. There are several materials that both look and perform differently. These are the materials that may be used in your own mouth: 

-Metal crowns

-Porcelain-fused to metal crowns

-All-resin crowns

-All-porcelain crowns

-Stainless steel crowns


There are many kinds of crowns to choose from and getting a tooth crown treatment may just be the correct choice for you and your teeth. If you are wondering whether or not you need a crown, or if you want a professional to look at the health of your teeth, contact Burke and Beckstrom today!