Eating with braces is a daunting task for many and can sometimes be a deterrent for some when choosing whether or not to get the smile straightening system. However, eating with braces is doable and there are plenty of things that you can still eat in order to have a full, satiated diet that does not leave your stomach grumbling for anything different. Knowing exactly what to exclude and what not to exclude is key to having an enjoyable braces experience in which you can eat things that taste good and satisfy both your hunger and cravings. Here is exactly what to eat and not eat with braces.

Do Eat 

Soft food that don’t cause too much plaque build up. This includes things like pastas, mashed potatoes, meats (without bones, soft breads, soups, fruit, and soft veggies (steamed or boiled). Do eat the healthy foods that you typically love and remember to clean your mouth often when finishing a snack or meal.

Don’t Eat

Do not eat hard, chewy foods that may pull your brackets off or cause unnecessary pain in your adjusting mouth. Don’t eat extremely sticky foods such as gum or hard candies. It is important that you refrain from other hard foods such as nuts, potato chips, popcorn, apples, jerky, and hard or crunchy breads.


There are still many, many delicious foods, treats, and snacks that can be enjoyed when you have braces. The importance of chewing safely is a must though and that means that avoiding hard, crunchy, and sticky foods when you can is the ideal situation for keeping your braces in optimum condition for strengthening your smile. Be sure to avoid anything that also hurts your teeth or causes them to be sensitive as it may cause you more suffering than you need to bear through. If you have any questions or concerns about your diet when you have braces, contact the orthodontists at Burke and Beckstrom today.