Oftentimes it may seem like the only reason to work towards having a straight smile is because of the physical benefit of having a conventionally attractive grin. However, there are actually several health benefits of having a straight smile that you may have never realized. If you find yourself asking, “Why is a straight smile important?” then we have the answers for you!

The truth is the alignment of your teeth have a large impact on the oral and digestive health that you have as a whole. Perhaps surprisingly, having crooked teeth can lead to several health problems. 

  1. Crooked teeth make them harder to clean. This matters because cleaning your teeth is an important safety measure in preventing cavities and protecting your teeth’s enamel. 
  2. A straight smile protects your teeth for longer. What does this mean? Well, when teeth are in their correct positions, they coexist harmoniously in the mouth and jaw, keep each other tooth in its place and not causing harm to one another. If they are crooked, on the other hand, teeth may can erosion if they rub against other teeth, they may trap bacteria and debris in the tight pockets squished between them, or they may cause irritation to the lining of your mouth, such as the tissues and gums, leading to an increase in infections. 
  3. Straight smiles help prevent jaw pain. Often crooked teeth or irregular jaws, such as underbites or overbites, lead to chronic pain and/or inflammation in the jaw bone. This is fully avoided by a straight smile that nicely sits together when resting and when eating. 


There are several reasons why a straight smile is important. If you have crooked teeth or want to improve your smile in any way, contact Burke and Beckstrom today.