It is very important for your child to receive orthodontic treatment for any issues they have at a young age. You may be aware that it is recommended your child receive their first orthodontic evaluation by the age of seven, and that recommendation is for a good reason, based on the developing structure of your child’s mouth.


Once you have taken your child in for an evaluation and are hit with the news that there are orthodontic concerns, you may be tempted to put off treatment for a number of reasons, but early treatment is best, and it is key for good orthodontic results and quicker treatment duration.



“Early detection for problems will help to shorten the treatment time when it is implemented. Orthodontists can detect early issues with jaw growth, early problems with teeth as they are growing in, and can detect problems that may benefit from early treatment.”–What Age Should My Child Have an Orthodontic Evaluation?


Why is it important to begin treatment early?

Early orthodontic treatment, also called “interceptive” treatment, is usually performed when some baby teeth are still present. Around age seven, there are enough of the permanent teeth in place for a good evaluation and treatment plan to be developed.


The purpose of early treatment is to intervene before the procedures have to be more intrusive and corrective. Your orthodontist can help to alleviate any issues before they become harder to fix.


When your child is younger, their jaw structure is still growing and developing, and is easier to manipulate into the correct form. You can prevent problems with greater ease at this age and avoid a more difficult corrective treatment plan as your child gets older. Some orthodontic treatment measures are simply more effective when done at a younger age.


Your child’s treatment may include:


  • A fixed or removable “appliance” which can move teeth, guide jaw position, and hold teeth in place to get the desired changes to occur.
  • Some baby teeth may be removed to allow for more space where needed for the ingrowing adult teeth to come in properly.


The key to getting your child’s orthodontic needs met and giving them the best opportunity for a healthy, radiant smile is to get their orthodontic treatment underway as soon after age seven as possible. Sometimes no treatment is required, but this is best determined with a thorough orthodontic evaluation. The orthodontist can determine treatment but also when that treatment should be implemented for the best outcomes for your child.


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