Making decisions for your growing child is no easy task. After all, you’re always stuck between yes and no. Suffice to say; you scramble to find the middle ground. Be it a simple thing like your kid wants extra sweets at night or something big like wanting to join sports, your children’s health is your number one priority.


So what if your child decides to join the sports team? You’re probably looking for ways to ensure he doesn’t get hurt while on the field. That’s where mouthguards come in the picture! Don’t know what those are? Don’t worry; we’ve got a whole guide prepared for you!


What Is A Mouthguard?

Before we talk about why your athletic kid needs this, let’s first ensure we know what mouthguards are.


Mouthguards are coverings worn over your teeth to keep them safe from injury, especially during sports. These come in three different types:

1. Stock Mouth Protectors

Inexpensive, performed, and ready to wear. If you asked what stock mouth protectors were, in short, that’s all you need to know. These can be bought at almost any sports or department store.


The downside? These are kind of hard to adjust and somewhat bulky, making it difficult for your little athlete to talk properly and maybe even breathe. As dentists, we recommend you keep reading for the other two options!


2. Boil And Bite Mouth Protectors 

Finding these, like the first ones, is pretty easy. You can find them at sports shops or drug stores without any problems.


As the name suggests, you boil them in water to soften them. After this, you insert them in your child’s mouth, so they mold with the shape of their bite.


3. Custom Made Mouth Protectors

The most effective and safest option this involves taking your child’s mouth impressions that are sent off to a lab for custom creation.


Although more expensive, these are crafted to fit your kid’s mouth perfectly and are super comfortable.


Why Does My Child Need It?

So, you ask, I understand what mouthguards are but does my child really need them? Yes! A hundred times, yes! And here’s exactly why!


Children love nothing more than doing dangerous stuff that gives your parenting instincts a little scare. When it comes to playing sports like football, hockey or even recreational activities like skateboarding, your child needs a mouth guard to protect their soft tissues, tongue, and lips to reduce the risks of chipping or breaking their teeth,


Want to make sure your kid is safe while he plays his favorite sport? Then it’s to get your hands on some high-quality mouth guards.


Where Can I Find Them?

Now that you know the importance of a mouthguard, you find yourself in a sticky situation; how do I find these?


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