Braces vs. Invisalign: What You Should Know

Many people experience crooked and misaligned teeth in the US. While most of these dental issues occur at the childhood stage of life, older adults can also get affected. Having crooked and misaligned teeth means one thing for sure, and that is the application of braces. But is that what you always need, or are there alternatives that might help? The growing use of Invisalign’s invisible braces has created tough competition for traditional braces in the market.

Several orthodontists prefer their clients go for Invisalign braces rather than traditional reasons. Although both options are suitable depending on the medical condition status, here are some pros and cons. 

Wearing Braces: Pros and Cons

Braces are considered teeth-straightening devices as much as people know. But realizing the visibility and existing downsides of traditional braces, people are considering clear aligners a better option. 


  • It works for even the most complicated crooked teeth cases and results in a beautiful small overall. It’s mainly because metal braces adhere to every tooth separately.
  • It doesn’t require you to remove it constantly, such as brushing, eating, or drinking. Moreover, you don’t have to keep track of time to know how long you’ve got them on.
  • There are several direct options to choose from, such as discreet “lingual” braces or ceramic braces.
  • They’re heat resistant, so you can easily sip on your favorite hot beverages.


  • Irritation and cuts are common during the first few days of having metal braces. It takes time to get used to the feeling of metal wires in the mouth as they aren’t very comfortable.
  • Sticky and chewy foods aren’t allowed with metal braces because they can damage the wiring and cause the elastic bands to move out of place.
  • Metal braces are visible even from a distance and can make some patients self-conscious. 

Wearing Invisalign: Pros and Cons

Clear aligners from Invisalign are a crooked teeth-correcting device. They are invisible braces made of high-quality plastic material that isn’t easily noticeable. They’ve been in the market as alternatives for conventional metal braces.


  • Since they are clear aligners, they don’t make you self-conscious about your teeth’ appearance as metal braces.
  • They are comfortable because they don’t risk getting cut or irritated inside the mouth.
  • Brushing and flossing are extremely easy with clear aligners because you can take them off and put them on easily.
  • As they are removable, chewing hard and gummy food isn’t an issue.


  • It’s only for minor cases and complex solving teeth crookedness isn’t possible with clear aligners
  • You must remove them before cleaning teeth or eating food.
  • Also, you must keep them on for nearly 20-22 hours a day.


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