How to Handle Orthodontic Emergencies

Whenever something happens to your braces, it’s very important that you take adequate steps to avoid any delays in your treatment. At the same time, it’s true that not all emergencies with regard to braces require that you go to a clinic since, in some cases, you can fix them yourself. 

Obviously, no one likes to set appointments and visit a dentist, but in some instances, it might be necessary. It is hard to determine whether you can take on the issue yourself or need professional help. Here’s a short guide on how to handle orthodontic emergencies. 

Orthodontic Emergencies 

Typically, orthodontic emergencies include: 

  • Severe injury or trauma to the face, mouth, or gums
  • Swelling and infection of the teeth
  • Severe discomfort and pain in your teeth
  • Retainers coming off or breaking

Broken Rackets or Loose Wires 

If a wire from your braces or bracket comes loose or breaks, you need to wait for a doctor’s appointment to determine the extent of the problem. But as you wait for an appointment, you should remember a few guidelines. 

If your band or bracket breaks but is still attached to the wire, try to leave it alone. Meddling with it may cause injury or worsen the problem. But if it is causing irritation and discomfort inside your mouth, you can cover that part with orthodontic wax. This may be a minor emergency, and you should consult a dentist. 

Mouth Sores

Some patients are more prone to developing mouth sores, either after treatment or as a side effect of wearing braces. Although there is no direct link between orthodontics and soreness, some patients may develop it with an allergic reaction. Moreover, some patients may develop ulcers across different parts of the mouth, such as the inside of the cheeks, tongue, and gums.

These ulcers are already uncomfortable, and with braces, they may cause more discomfort. As you wait for an appointment, make sure to apply an anesthetic swab to the ulcer with the help of cotton. 

Retainers Damage 

Another problem that some patients may face is that their retainers break and come off. In that situation, it is important to stop using them and immediately inform your dentist. Retainers have an integral function in straightening out the braces and ensuring seamless recovery. Therefore, it is important to get them fixed or replaced quickly. This is an emergency that requires immediate medical attention. The more time you spend without retainers, the less effective the results will be. 

Final Thoughts 

Since orthodontic emergencies require immediate treatment, make sure to choose a dentist who considers your dental needs. At Burke & Beckstrom Orthodontics, you will get compact orthodontic and braces services. We are one of the best dental clinics that ensure quality treatment and affordability. Contact us now for a consultation. Phone us at: (435)375-3440. Or you can even email us at this address: [email protected]