When you get braces or if your child gets braces, it is important that you or child fully understand and know how to thoroughly clean them. Braces are cemented to your teeth for the time being of straightening and therefore they need cleaning and protection just like your teeth themselves do. Here are some hygiene practices for your braces.

Clean your braces often.

Everytime that you eat food or snacks, it is a good habit to then clean out your braces. You want to clean them out often enough that you prevent the growth of bacteria that can eventually lead to tooth decay or infection. You also want to clean often enough that your teeth are not stained by residual food particles or debris crammed into your braces or resting directly on your teeth.

Clean your braces thoroughly.

It is a great hygienic practice to thoroughly clean your braces. This may require help from a second person, such as a parent, if the one needing the cleaning is a child. It will also require the appropriate tools, such as flossers that thread easily, or small brushes for cleaning tiny areas. A thorough clean is absolutely key to maintaining healthy oral hygiene while having braces on your teeth.


It is possible and doable to adequately care for your teeth when you or your child have braces. If you follow the suggested hygiene practices above of cleaning your braces often and cleaning your braces thoroughly then you will be more likely to have a successful experience on your braces journey. 

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