Any medical appointment can be a bit daunting or scary before you go in. Maybe you have had painful dentist visits in the past, or maybe the rigid environment of the medical world makes you uncomfortable. Whatever could be fueling your worry of visiting an orthodontist, knowing exactly what you want to ask at your first orthodontist appointment is important. First, it will get you the information that you need in order to make the best, informed decisions for your own oral health. And two, it can help ease your worries of an appointment by having a game plan in place for you and your mind to focus on. 

Question 1 – How long will my treatment and recovery be?

If a surgery is planned, the number one question you should ask is how long your treatment will be and then how long the recovery from the treatment will be. These questions will prepare you for the surgery that you’ve opted to have and will help you give you a reasonable expectation of what the entire procedure will entail.

Question 2 – What are my care options?

Some situations may be concrete with limited options on your doctor part. Some situations though, may have several methods of approach and of course different pros and cons to each of them. Your orthodontist will happily walk you through all of the options available to you and the condition you are treating. Simply, be sure to ask all of the questions that you have.

Question 3 – How do I care for my teeth straightening system?

Whether your orthodontist has recommended braces or invisalign, the care regime for either will be different and specific. Check with your orthodontist before going home and ask for the resources you’ll need to adequately care for your teeth and systems. 

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