If you’re dealing with Sleep Apnea or any related orthodontic issues, consider seeking immediate medical care and attention. Sleep apnea refers to when a person keeps waking up from sleep, especially during the night, due to breathing problems. You face breathing problems when the airway gets blocked, causing a cut-off in the oxygen supply to the body. Consequently, the brain sends alert signals to the body, causing them to wake up.

This condition can last from several seconds to minutes. In fact, this condition can be as disturbing for the partner sleeping close to you as it is for you, i.e., the patient. Initially, you may notice signs like snoring. Over time, the frequency of waking up at night may increase. Other symptoms include tiredness and fatigue due to little and fragmented sleep. 

Orthodontic Issues That Lead to Sleep Apnea

To understand whether or not Orthodontic treatment can help patients with sleep apnea, you should know that the condition itself is an orthodontic issue. The causes of this condition also range from mild to severe orthodontic medical conditions. But keep in mind that the condition may not be permanent in many patients. Chances are that it only occurs for a short time due to other health issues. Some of the orthodontic issues that lead to sleep apnea include:

  • Dental arch condition
  • Tooth misalignment
  • Jaw misalignment

Only an orthodontic specialist has the right expertise to help with sleep apnea when the underlying cause of the condition is an orthodontic issue. There are various recommended procedures and orthodontic treatment options for sleep apnea.

Curing Sleep Apnea through Orthodontic Treatment

Take a look at some effective sleep apnea treatment options:

  • CPAP Machine

This machine has a motor (compressor) that generates a pressurized stream of air. This air moves through an air filter towards a flexible tube. The patient wears a mask that connects with the flexible tube carrying pressurized and pure air into the patient’s nose and mouth. The machine is effective since the pressurized air passes through any blockages that keep your lungs from receiving plenty of oxygen.

  • Aligners and Braces

Braces and aligners help in moving the teeth into the correct position. Incorrect teeth positioning might lead to obstruction of air passage into the mouth. Braces and aligners are less noticeable means of correcting any airflow problems that occur due to teeth misalignment. 

  • Mandibular Advancement Splint

This is a custom-fit brace that adjusts the jaw into a correct position. Misalignment in the jaw can also lead to air passage obstruction causing serious sleep issues due to breathing problems. 


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