What are retainers? These are teeth-aligning devices that orthodontists custom-make for their patients according to their needs. They comprise ceramic or metallic wiring and are sometimes clear plastic. Retainers help to hold teeth in the right position. However, retainers are a form of orthodontic treatment for correcting misaligned and crooked teeth to help them get back into the right position. Retainers can also help correct bite problems and significantly reduce any chances for oral health disorders or conditions before they erupt.

So, are you planning to get your first set of retainers? Before that, it’s important that you do some research first. Here’s how long your orthodontist may require that you wear the retainer.

Retainers: How Long Do You Have to Wear Them?

Since the supportive tissue in the mouth needs time to recover and regain its strength. Most adults and teenagers are guided to wear their retainers between meals and during bedtime for a couple of months initially. The longer you wear your retainer, the more good it can do to put your teeth back in their correct position.

Generally, if you wear braces for two years, you can expect to wear retainers for two years. While this isn’t specified for every orthodontic patient, the timeline for wearing retainers can vary. In fact, if you’ve had a serious and complex procedure than most orthodontic patients with teeth misalignment, you may have to wear the retainers for longer.

Of course, you don’t have to wear your retainer full-time throughout the treatment period. From full-nights and full-days, you can move onto a relaxed schedule in which you’re free to take off your retainers. Most experts suggest that the time you spend wearing retainers is usually slightly more than the time you spend with braces on.

Additional Information:

If you’ve been wearing your retainers full-time for a couple of months, your orthodontist will allow you to take them off at specified times, such as different days of the week or even entire weekends when you progress. Despite that, you shouldn’t think that this process takes effect overnight. To get the required results and proper teeth alignment, you have to endure the stress and complications of wearing retainers for long hours and even for days.

  • Usually, first-time retainer wearers spend only a few months wearing them full-time. Later on, they follow up with the schedule of wearing them when going to bed only.


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