An underbite is a setup structure of jawbones where the bottom one protrudes out further forward than the top jaw. Often causing disruptions in speech and pain when eating, underbites are a condition that often are improved through surgery. Here are some underbite treatments that may be best for you and your journey with oral health.

How to Treat Underbites

Chin Cap

A chin cap is a device that wraps fully around the lower jaw and your chin. This device specifically prevents the growth of the lower jaw and is effective only in children or younger teens whose jaws are still growing and adjusting every day.

Reverse Pull Face Mask

Made of two separate pads, the reverse pull face mask is connected by a vertical frame and uses one pad on your forehead and one pad on your chin. By pulling gently on the upper jaw, the device allows the lower jaw to eventually align in a proper place.

Upper Jaw Expander

Some people and children have an underbite because the lower jaw is physically larger than the upper one. In these cases, a palatal expander can be used by placing the device on the roof of the mouth. Then, the expander is widened once a day or night to slowly increase the size of the dental arch in the mouth.


If you or your child has an underbite, one of these underbite treatments may be the answer to solving the concerned jaw’s shape, structure, and position. If you have an underbite or a child  with an underbite and you want guidance on the best treatment to request, speak with the orthodontists at Burke and Beckstrom today!