It is a common occurrence for the top two front teeth of a person’s mouth to be gapped further apart than the rest of the teeth in the mouth. Inherently, there is no issue with  a gap of this kind as long as the person is able to eat and chew fully and naturally, and as long as neither teeth are in a direction that cause pain, discomfort, or prevents a seal of the mouth. IF you have a gap in your front teeth and you’re interested in ways to change it, read on to learn how to close front teeth gaps. 

Pull Your Teeth Together

Done with braces, Invisalign, a retainer, or surgically, one way to move your front teeth together is by moving all of your teeth together. When you look at your top row of teeth and think of them touching one another, each tooth holds the other tooth in its place. If you want your two front teeth held together, one way to do that is by shifting your other teeth toward the front. 

Widen Your Teeth

Incredible advancements in the oral health and oral surgery industry is that of veneers, crowns, and veneers. All three of these methods can change your front teeth to match each other and to meet precisely where you want them to. 

Adjust Your Bottom Teeth

In some cases your bottom teeth may need to be narrower in order to make room for your top teeth to sit where you’d like them to. For this procedure, it is important to have the procedure performed by a professional orthodontist, as are all options in wanting to close front teeth gaps.


Whether your front teeth gap is something that hurts your mouth or something that makes you insecure, the orthodontists at Burke and Beckstrom will walk you through a treatment plan that addresses every one of your concerns, while enacting a plan that completely meets your needs on your own teeth. Your smile is something to be confident and proud of, if you feel you need a surgical change to allow that happiness, call us and let us get you taken care of!