If you have opted to use Invisalign, or if you are considering beginning a process of straightening your smile, you may wonder what exactly that journey will look like, both when you are awake and when you are asleep. If that is the case, continue reading for the answers to your question: Can you sleep with Invisalign?

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is one of the most popular, efficient products used to correct a crooked smile. Coming in retainers that are over time straightened to what your straight smile will look like, Invisalign is a set of retainers that are molded to your mouth specifically. To work efficiently, the retainers are worn for the majority of the day.

Can you sleep with Invisalign? 

Yes! Invialign is safe to sleep with as long as the retainers are fitting correctly and are in one piece without any breaks or deformities. If you have trouble sleeping with Invisalign in, you should talk to your orthodontist about the options available to you and you may be able to adjust your schedule in a way that allows you to sleep the majority of the night without it.


When using Invisalign it is important that you run your questions and big changes by your orthodontist first. They will be able to provide you guidance that is specific to your situation and most likely to put you on a path of successful teeth straightening. Contact the orthodontists at Burke and Beckstrom today so that you can be made aware of all of your options and treatment plans that are ofference. Do know when deciding on the teeth straightening plan for you that yes, you can sleep with invisalign and the majority of people have no problem doing so peacefully.